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Our Services

Since competition demand growth and to keep pace with such competition to maintain their shares of the contract market and to harness these resources in order to meet with modern challenges, the existence of RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED has been tremendous as the company shares technical/commercial expertise in various contract execution, below are the major areas of our specialization.


RI-Technique Integrated Limited offers the solution to your commercial and industrial piping insulation in materials and accessories. Also, we perform the following piping insulation services depending of course on our clients requirements:

  1. Cold insulation,
  2. Hot Insulation and,
  3. Personal Protection.

Piping insulation is essential for the purposes of conservation of heat, prevention of condensation and subsequent corrosion on cold surfaces, maintenance of stabilized process temperatures during atmospheric temperature changes, control of surface temperature for personnel protection thereby reducing the risk of burns and workers downtime occasioned by injury, noise and vibration control and protection against fire as fiberglass and mineral wool insulation are naturally noncombustible

We offer the following insulating materials:

  1. Mineral wool
  2. Glass wool
  3. Rigid foam
  4. Flexible elastomeric foams
  5. Polyethylene
  6. Cellular glass
  7. Aerogel etc.


RI-Technique Integrated Limited performs various blasting and painting services at the highest quality standards depending on project specifications and the requirements of clients.

We note that surface preparation is paramount to successful performance of any painting system as the most expensive and advanced painting system can fail due to inadequate surface preparation and the quality of materials used for the project.  Additionally we take into consideration the quality of abrasive and paint to be used for all our projects.

We render services to clients in the following areas:

  1. Fabrication facilities and tanks
  2. LNG Plants
  3. Shipyards
  4. Onshore and offshore facilities etc.

We have a highly specialized and skilled team of blasters and painters that are internationally certified (NACE & SSPC) and committed to give the best to clients in blasting and painting services.

We offer the following blasting and painting services

  1. Full-blown coating maintenance
  2. Grit blasting of well heads
  3. Risk-based coating maintenance
  4. Manual paint and brush application
  5. Specialized coating applications
  6. Dry Abrasive blasting


  • Blasting and paints application
  • Supplies of abrasive materials like Grit for blasting, sand blasting, etc.
  • Importation and supply of all types of steel grit, angular and round shot
  • Supply of garnet, supply of safety equipments.
  • Solvent- Cleaning chemicals and thinners,like MEK. ZYLENE, TOULENE, MIBK etc.
  • Paints of all types, labour supply and hiring of equipments.
  • Protective materials like Tarpaulin, water proof etc.
  • Safety materials
    •  Construction works- building etc.
    • Anti- corrosion maintenance works



  • Supply
  • Erection
  • Dismantling


  • Structural, Arc and Argon Welding works
  • Pipe fittings
  • Trunnion and special piping support
  • Cold shoe installation
  • Chemical fasteners and cinch anchor installation
  • Non- shrink grouting installation
  • Grating installation


  • Onshore and offshore supplies like electrodes of all types and safety equipment
  • Ware housing,


  • Mechanical maintenance call-off contract
  • Electrical/civil maintenance call-off contract,
  • Air-conditioners supplies and maintenance, 
  • Supply of technical maintenance crew 
  • Supplies of engineering/technical manpower 
  • Equipment and labour leasing


  • Erection of Fencing
  • Casting of Drains
  • Construction of Drains,
  • Excavation and Coasting of field  Wrapping and coasting of field joints

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