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 RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED has developed Quality System of control with the accomplishment of company objective. 
The ultimate strategy of this system is the development of future system architecture. Working with a group of key Quality Controls Officers facilitates the use of technology as an enabling mechanism in defining the business of the future.
 In otherwise, a policy of maintaining a quality standard, quality assurance practices, resources and performance management, project management, business system planning, staff development and capacity planning all highlighted for achieving more effective information system.
 RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED shall plan its operation by way of job register and work schedule records, in accordance with its quality manual procedures.
Control of company’s operation shall be established through the use, as appropriate, of the outlines:- 

  •  The issuance of daily reports detailing the monitoring and control of the project/operation.
  • Client contact with regard to approval of project/operational progress.
  • The issue of the technical proposal defining guideline for criteria of workmanship to be applied to the project/operation


It is the policy of RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED that the environment in which it operates are carried out, preserved to its primary condition and that services are services are being carried out in clean and neat environment, to this end therefore RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED will ensure that:- 

It is the responsibility of each RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED personnel to perform his work in an Environmentally sound manner. It is the policy of RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED to prompt and encourage awareness of and to protect and preserve the Environment. To implement this policy staff shall be encourage to pay appropriate attention to the environment by acting to preserve air, soil, plant and animal from adverse effects of their action or those of the subcontractors to minimize any nuisance which may arise from such activities. 

Environment impact assessment shall be carried out together with a measure of their consequences before any service is rendered to our customers. There shall be a regular environmental sanitation. Injurious and poisonous chemical containers shall be used, disposed of in compliance with National Environmental Protection Agency Regulations. 

All wastes generated during the project shall be collected, handled, treated and disposed in such a way as not to have impact on the environment and regular environmental assessment shall be conducted by our environmental quality consultant.

At the conclusion of any activities, our ultimate goal is to leave the work site in a condition as near as possible to the state in which it was found. Clean up gangs shall remove all debris to prevent injuries to loves and preserve the order of the habitat.


It is an offence for any employee of RI-TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED LIMITED to be under influence of alcohol or in possession of any non-prescriptional drug such as cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, hashor and other illegal substance while working or residing on any job-site, including water borne operation, or property under the control of the company.This policy applies to all operations and all locations on a 24 hours basis unannounced searches and screening shall be conducted to ensure compliance.

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